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After his wife walked out on him, brilliant spymaster and interrogator Josh Ruskin left the CIA, crawled into a bottle, and stayed there... until tonight. Now the former subordinate who took his place has dragged him back into the shadow world of global intelligence that Josh swore he had left behind forever. It seems one of the Agency's best operatives has sold out one of it's darkest secrets, and only Josh can get the traitor to confess before time runs out. There's only one problem... he used to be married to her. 


Asymmetric is a lean, suspenseful thriller that explores marriage and espionage in tandem, delving into the ways secrets can erode both love and nations... and how redemptive honor can be found in the strangest places.






“Rogers and director Jordana Williams make this four-way conversation zoom like a Bourne flick, but one soaked in despair over our real foreign policy.” –Time Out NY (Critic’s Pick) 


“Just when you fear the play is heading down television-thriller avenues, it shifts direction, to address issues of national responsibility and personal accountability without a bit of fuss.” –New York Times


“An intense, fast paced, and surprisingly touching spy thriller.” –Theatre is Easy


“Clearly, this play is far more than your average spy thriller... keeping tensions so high that you’re on the edge of your seat even as you laugh at the witty one-liners.” – 


“More engrossing that the best sci-fi interrogation novel ever written.” –nytheater now


“Asymmetric is an incredibly intriguing spy thriller that will keep you guessing about each character’s loyalty and motive until the very last second.” –


“There is a concept of terrifying beauty at the center of Asymmetric, an idea that encapsulates decades of American foreign policy with chilling accuracy. It is tightly written, perfectly performed and staged, and incredibly entertaining. –Surreal Time Press

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