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Four red-hot writers – Dan Kois (Senior Editor at Slate, author of Facing Future), Johnna Adams (acclaimed author of Gidion’s Knot and winner of the Princess Grace Fellowship), J. Holtham (2012 EST/Sloan Commissionee, Top Ten Finalist for the Industry Insider Screenplay Competition), and Mariah MacCarthy (Winner of the 2013 Doric Wilson Independent Playwright Award Associate Artistic Director of The Brick Theater, founder of Caps Lock Theatre) – give them all the same synopsis, and ask them to write a play from it. The resulting four scripts, while sharing the same plot structure, diverge powerfully from one another in style, milieu, and even genre. By testing the many paths playwrights can forge from the same storyline, THE BLUEPRINT PROJECT is a powerful celebration of each playwright’s unique voice. 





"This low-fi high-tech hardly matters though, since the four shows mostly eschew technology anyway. Warm-blooded relationships triumph over impersonal systems of control, and characters surprise each other with depths of compassion and courage. But these high-minded themes slip in under the guise of cool entertainment. Like Gideon Productions' full-length works, The Blueprint Project: First Contact is a theater lab with the atmosphere of a theater festival." New York Theatre Review



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