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Sophie and Marisol live together, love together, and run their business together, all out of one DUMBO loft. But their relationship is about to be tested beyond all imaginable limits when they meet their upstairs neighbor... a strange, reclusive woman named Victoria Frankenstein.




“The production was one of the most inventive, thoughtful, and beautifully performed they'd seen this year, a cerebral, emotional and theatrical triumph.” –The Wall Street Journal 


“The show marries domestic drama and horror story with both wit and tragedy, drawing you in with the former before breaking you down in its second act... It’s these beats that carry the show to a place absolutely worth seeking out.” –Fangoria 


“With Dr. Victoria Frankenstein, effortlessly illuminated by Kristen Vaughan, Rogers has made one of his most enduring contributions to the stage." -io9 


"The stitching is carefully placed, and each square — perhaps splashed with blood — seems to have a purpose... a new play that energizes an old story that will never die." –Theatre is Easy 


“(Gideon Productions) has created real, compelling moments that bleed out of this fictional world. After seeing Frankenstein Upstairs, I felt a pressing need to call up those I consider my chosen family and say, “Thank you for being there. I love you. Thank you.” -New York Theatre Review 


"This modern, fast-paced reimaging of the classic Frankenstein story includes the requisite creepy surgery scenes without being too gross; is exceptionally funny; and features a strong cast "-maxamoo 


"It meticulously whisks the best of gothic suspense, parody and even a tablespoonful of "Single White Female" into a tremendously satisfying tale... and thanks to a crack cast, the pleasure is ours.” - edge New York 


"Rogers has a wonderful ability to make the mundane magical and the magical mundane... the play is as entertaining as a toboggan ride and considerably more meaningful." -Show Showdown


“…a marvelous mash-up likeFrankenstein Upstairs, which uses a light naturalistic touch in its depiction of contemporary relationships, but pulls no genre punches… Dornfeld, Oh, and Vaughan navigate this later material masterfully.”  -Surreal Time Press


"There are a lot of great passages in Frankenstein Upstairs... They infiltrate your ear and fill your brain with a delicious depth of meaning that only drama can convey… the play rose from the stage like a creature endued with preternatural energy, “it’s alive!”
Cultural Capitol


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