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Presented by Gideon Productions August 11-24, 2007, at the Bleecker Street Theater.

“The Omen” meets “The Office”. Tom figures his new Corporate Communications job will be a lot like his last one. Then he discovers that his coworkers all attend the same church. A church dedicated to the worship of Satan. And they’ve got big plans for him.


A horror play, a dark comedy, a suspense thriller, a political allegory, Hail Satan is the story of the Antichrist—not simply born but raised into her terrible purpose and proficiency. In a world where the voices of religious fanatics are raised in overwhelming certainty, attempts at tolerance and understanding are often drowned out entirely. And when destructive forces are at work, isn’t tolerance tantamount to complicity?





"Mac Rogers must have made a deal with some sort of devil, for he keeps getting blessed with exceptional casts and superb directors. As with the recent Universal Robots, Hail Satan is a well-scripted play that manages to rise above parable and tell a fully fleshed story." -That Sounds Cool


"Mac Rogers’ crisp comic drama Hail Satan leaves you wondering about the playwright’s real feelings about evil. He seems to know an awful lot about the Dark Lord." -Backstage

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