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In Ligature Marks, Jill can’t live without Terry. So it’s up to both of them – and Terry’s favorite online multiplayer game NOIR – to make sure she never has to. This dark and sometimes unsettling comedy from critically-acclaimed, award-winning playwright Mac Rogers charts a twisted romance between two of life’s losers as they take one final shot to be something other than who they are…




"The play, well fortified by emphatic performances from Rogers himself and Rebecca Comtois, captivated me in ways I wasn't prepared for." - Surreal Times Press


"We are the spectators to Rogers as the magnetically dickish Terry... and Comtois (in an especially precise and powerful performance) as the needy but surprisingly self possessed Jill." - Fanchild


"Jill and Terry's relationship set us up for the intrigue, and Rogers does a great job setting up the circumstances of their back story to keep us grounded as the tale gets warped. Director Jordana Williams wisely balances the tone making sure we can never anticipate just where the play will 

go." - Theatre is Easy


"75 minutes will fly by, and when it's over you'll wonder just what happened – and where you are." -Cincinnati Enquirer


"...dark, funny and perfectly “fringy.'” -CityBeat


"...a brilliant marriage of strong, intense, specific acting, simple but precise directing and fast,insightful, witty writing. The quirkiness of the story is reminiscent of Woody Allen meeting Sam Shepard. The stage chemistry between Mac Rogers and Rebecca Comtois is infectious. From beginning to end their energy drives the action forward." - We Make Movies LA


"There is a real pleasure to watching the structure unfurl- the audience quickly understands what the structure will be, but delights in learning how it will be... This is an utterly original show, with a compelling story, a strong cast, and interesting, unlikable characters. This might just be the most promising show at Hollywood Fringe this year." - Cinesnatch 


"Ligature Marks by Mac Rogers is a quirky, dark, two person comedy centered around a troubled relationship and a multi-player computer game titled 'Noir.' Definitely Fringe material." - KCRW LA


"Mac Rogers entertains with his darkly funny new play." - WCPO Cincinnati


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