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In Sovereign, the final installment of Mac Rogers' epic Honeycomb Trilogy, the human race is slowly rebuilding. Ronnie, now a battle-scarred Governor, must decide the fate of the greatest war criminal still living: her brother Abbie. Abbie's last desperate measure on behalf of the aliens forces a confrontation between species that will forever change the future of the human race. 




As in ‘Blast Radius,’ Mr. Rogers displays an impressive control over his sprawling material, creating a convincing postapocalyptic world inside a sturdy theatrical structure...‘Sovereign’ has a driving pace and a sneaky theatrical intelligence.” -New York Times — Critics’ Pick


“The crackling alien-takeover drama can operate independently of its former installments. In fact, winding blind through the narrative maze...creates the sensation of gradually unfolding truth, of hearing a story at the edge of great complexity. As for those who saw sections one and two, I’m assuming you were there at the Secret Theatre ahead of me. Who could stay away? In Cheek’s long series of downtown triumphs...I can not remember ever seeing her in such full, exultant stride.” Time Out NY — Critics’ Pick


“One of the most intelligent and complex theatrical events of the year.” Flavorpill — Editor Pick


”...a play every bit as rich and daring as the previous two... ably completing the long and stirring transmutation through which Rogers has taken these characters-from small domestic anxieties to far-reaching debates about mankind’s survival in the face of oppression and moral decay.” -Backstage — Critic’s Pick


“This is science fiction, but first and foremost, it’s effective drama...I feel honored to have borne witness to this magnificent series in its entirety. Go.”


“This is definitely the theater of Big Ideas. The only place one can find a similar level of innovation and profundity these days is on cable dramas like The Wire or The Sopranos. Sci-fi in Mr. Rogers’s hands invigorates the stage and elevates it to where it used to be: the place where we go to learn about ourselves and experience catharsis in the company of others.” -Cultural Capitol


“Gideon Productions has certainly set high stakes for serialized theater with these three shows, and is definitely a group to keep on your radar.” -Show Business Weekly


“ intimate, emotional work, bridging the head and the heart without ever resorting to pathos or unearned sentiment. The emotional material here is so deft that it pushes for real estate on a par with Shakespeare, Ibsen and O’Neill... So make the time to catch this show – you’ll regret it if you don’t.” -New York Press


“The accomplishment of the world Rogers and Gideon have built is the entirety of the world and the characters they created throughout the three plays: all of the nuance, all of the humanity.”


Hanna Cheek


Stephen Heskett


Daryl Lathon


Neimah Djourabchi


Erin Jerozal


Lori E. Parquet


Matt Golden


Yeauxlanda Kay





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